How To: Break a fast

Break a fast

Dr. Aris Latham suggests setting standard plans for breaking a fast for most of people that he interacts with because the animal body has been programmed to eat in a certain way. This is necessary to train your body well so as to survive and be healthy. Divide your day into 3 equal parts of 8 hours. Take the sleep part of the day where you deal with the waste in your body and create energy within the body. The next period when you get up is basically when you break your fast when your were sleeping. You need to pour a lot of electrical current into the body during this phase where you flush out the toxins out of your body which are generated during sleep. The next 8 hour period is the intake mode that is the lunch and dinner. You put in the raw mass in the body through this period. The ideal time for fasting is 8 pm to 4 am. No big material should be put in the next 8 hour period when you fast. Start off with the coconut water to shower your body internally. Then exercise so as to create your vigorous bowel movements which are then let out from the body. Intake of fruits helps you at this time to cleanse your bodies due to the presence of fibers in these substances. You can also have sugarless watermelon or sugarless fruit drinks.

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