News: 3 Healthy Snacks That Are Under 100 Calories

3 Healthy Snacks That Are Under 100 Calories

On today's video I will show how to make 3 easy snacks that are also under 100 calories each! They are really yummy and healthy, so if you are wondering what to eat between meals I hope I can give you some ideas with this video.

Kiwi Smoothie

  • 150 milliliters of skim milk
  • a medium size kiwi

Peel the kiwi and cut it into small pieces, add the milk and blend everything with a mixer or food processor. The key to get the smooth texture is placing the mixer close to the surface to incorporate as much air as possible.

Tuna Sandwich

  • A slice of bread
  • 25 gr of tuna
  • some veggies

First, place the bread on the toaster, then start cutting your veggies, for this sandwich I chose green and red pepper, onion and tomato. As you see you just need a small amount. In a little bowl mix this veggies with the tuna.Cut the toast in half and place a piece of lettuce and the tuna mixture.

Stuffed Plumbs

  • 15 gr of light cream cheese
  • 5 dried plums

First, cut the plums open and place a tiny bit of cream cheese in the middle part, then heat then in the microwave for only 8-10 seconds.

I hope you liked this video and stay healthy!

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