How To: Eat a Chipotle burrito to gain leg muscle

Eat a Chipotle burrito to gain leg muscle

Think losing weight means you have to limit yourself to boring and bland salads? Well then think again. While salads (which should contain portions of protein and carbs, by the way, to be filling) are great diet foods, it's important to get a variety of different healthy treats in there for maximum fat loss.

And you want to know a secret? You can go ahead and eat at Chipotle if you want. You just have to be careful about what you order. Check out this video to learn how eating a burrito can help you lose weight. You'll see what you should put in a burrito for maximum muscle gain.

Get plenty of hot sauce on your burrito as this also helps your body burn fat faster. Go for 1/3 chicken, 1/3 shredded spicy beef, and 1/3 steak. It taste great, but that way you get a more broad arrangement of amino acids. And that is always good.

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