How To: Eat healthier by tossing out egg yolks

Eat healthier by tossing out egg yolks

Yolks may be your favorite part of an egg, but that doesn't mean they're healthy! If you're truly committed to eating better and living healthier, then watch this video to see why you should toss egg yolks out and how to live healthier.

There are two great reasons to toss the yolks, calories and pesticides.

1) calories

1 large egg has 71 calories, The yolk has 100% of the fat and 75% of the calories but only 34% of the protein. The yolk is a bad nutritional bargain. If you are interested in slimming your waistline, stay away from egg yolks!

yolk 3g pro 5g fat 54 cals (2 sat fat) 75% from fat!
white 4g pro 0g fat 16 cals
total 6g pro 5g fat 71 cals 63% from fat

2) pesticides
Poltry products along with beef and dairy are the #1 most contaminated food source in America acording to prevention magazine. Many chemical pesticides are fat-soluble and accumulate in the fatty tissue of animals, like the egg yolk. Animal feed that contains animal products compounds the accumulation, which is directly passed to you! Unless you are willing to pay the premium for organic eggs, you are getting massive amounts of pesticides.

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