How To: Get the most out of blood glucose meters

Get the most out of blood glucose meters

Monitoring your blood glucose level is absolutely essential to your health if you suffer from diabetes. You need to keep track of your blood sugar or you could be in danger. This video tutorial will show you the proper way to use a blood glucose meter and give you helpful tips on getting the most out of them.

Keeping glucose levels under control can help people with diabetes feel better and also lower the risk of blindness, kidney disease, and nerve damage. Very high or very low blood sugar can have serious consequences. Although blood glucose meters are fairly simple to operate, many things can go wrong if the user isn't careful. Here are some tips that can help people with diabetes get accurate results from their glucose meters. Be prepared before you do the test. Carefully read all instructions for your meter and test strips. Calibrate the meter or test it to be sure it's calibrated before you use it. • Be sure that you're using test strips that are specified to work with your meter. Even if an incorrect test strip fits in your meter, it could give you the wrong results. Don't use test strips from a cracked or damaged bottle and don't use test strips that have passed their expiration date. • Once you're ready to test, wash your hands, because even a little bit of food or sugar can affect the results. Make sure the drop of blood is the right size. Let the blood flow freely; don't squeeze your finger, since that can affect the results. Always use a whole test strip and insert it into the meter until you feel it stop against the end of the meter guide. • Storage and maintenance are important, too. Be sure to keep your meter clean, and test it regularly with control solution. Have extra batteries charged and ready.

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