How To: Get started on a raw food diet

Get started on a raw food diet

In this video from Raw Radiant Health, Natasha explains how to begin a raw food diet. First, you need to decide when you want to start. Clearly define your goals and stick with them. Once you set a starting date, you can prepare your kitchen beforehand. Your fruit should be ripe. She always has ripe fruit in her kitchen, but she also keeps things that are jut beginning to ripen, so that there is always food that can be eaten immediately, and also food that can wait a while before eating.
Raw food is defined as food you find from nature., fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, sea vegetables like nori, sprouts are raw foods. They haven't been processed nor cooked. There are also raw condiments like cold pressed oil, Celtic salt, nut butters, and apple cider vinegar.

When you begin shopping for your diet, pick up all these fresh fruits and vegetables. Be sure you have olive oil for salad. You could also use avocado oil as a salad dressing.

In this video she also gives some suggestions on what to eat at each meal. For breakfast, she says to drink some water with some lemon. Rehydrate yourself. Then have fresh fruit or a fruit smoothie. Some people start the day with a salad. At lunch perhaps another smoothie or a fruit meal, or guacamole and vegetables. These foods are very filling, so that by the time you have dinner you're hungry but not starving. For dinner you want some fruit with salad; or some pates with vegetable rolls. There are many raw food recipes online. Make a raw dessert as well. Always have dips, and pates in your fridge. Raw pie and ice cream work too. It's great to get many nuts and grains into your diet during the day also.

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