How To: Have a flat stomach with an ab workout routine

Have a flat stomach with an ab workout routine

This video is about having a flat stomach with an ab workout routine. Fit tip of the day-4 omega 3 foods which are salmon, avocado, olive oil and almonds. Flat abs-feet flat with abs pulled down flat. Put your hands behind your head. Exhale out for 10 repetitions. Cross over and crunch, squeeze, exhale when you come up. 10 repetitions on each side. Don't release the abs. Keep them tight. Come straight up. Finish off with bicycles. 10 repetitions. Stretch out. Hold yourself up, stretch it back. Do this 6 times per week with a day off for rest.

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What people say and do has to do with them. What you say and you do, don't' let that be dictated by what other people say and do. Be well, eat well, drink plenty of water and empower your body.

The viewer benefit is receiving instruction on how to flatten the stomach.

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