How To: Loose weight eating celery

Loose weight eating celery

-Experts say celery is a negative calorie food, making it one of the best snacks you can eat. This means that chewing the celery burns more calories than the celery actually has in it.
- The average stalk of celery has 8 calories. Chewing burns 5 calories per hour. But celery contains a fiber that takes a while to digest, meaning your body is working on it for a while. This concludes that with the calories it takes to digest the food and the calories it takes to chew it, celery does in fact have a negative calorie count.
- You can add peanut butter to the celery, which adds protein. You can also add cream cheese, which is lower in fat that peanut butter.

Eating celery can fulfill your hunger while not giving you any added unnecessary calories.

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