How To: Lose belly fat fast in a four minute workout

Lose belly fat fast in a four minute workout

In this tutorial, we learn how to lose belly fat fast with a four minute workout. The overview of the workout is there are 8 different exercises that are 20 seconds each. There are 10 pushups in between each exercise and absolutely no rest for these four minutes. This is not for beginners, so make sure you are conditioned before you start. The first exercise is knee ups at level one, then knee ups at level two. After this, do knee outs at level one, then knee outs at level two. Now do three knee unders at level one, then the same at level two. Your next exercise is to do four arm circles with 20 seconds of active rest. Then, do leg ups at level one and after, do leg ups at level two. Once you're done with these, do 6 leg outs each on level one and level two. Just doing this short four minute exercise can help you lose belly fat and become more active in no time at all!

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