How To: Lose belly fat through exercise and diet knowledge

Lose belly fat through exercise and diet knowledge

Learn how to lose belly fat quickly and naturally, in less than eight minutes! Using cartoon clips and simple definitions, this video explains how fat cells work and details the risks of carrying around extra fat. It explains what happens as we age, and how muscle burns fat away. Simply put, the more muscle you have, the more fat you burn. It explains which cardio and abdominal exercises are best to help you achieve your goal of a fit and trim body.

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1 Comment

Excellent video. The tips are laid out in a fashion that it easy to follow.
I particularly liked the sections on the nature of fat and the role lean muscle plays in raising the metabolic rate and burning fat.
Abdominal exercises will certainly help to strengthen the abdominal wall and add some muscle to the abdominal area, but various experts and studies continuously question whether they actually help to reduce belly fat.

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