How To: Lose weight and gain muscle with quinoa

Lose weight and gain muscle with quinoa

In this video author introduces a new grain called quinoa which is considered very healthy and has good nutrition values. Quinoa is rich and proteins and fibers and low in fat. It is Excellent food for muscle builders and someone trying to lose weight. Quinoa basically is tasteless but you can add flavor to it. It is very easy to cook quinoa. We need to wash quinoa and mix with double quantity of water. We also need to add a little bit of salt. Author adds freshly cut salsa to mixture of quinoa and water and allows it to boil for about 15 to 20 minutes. When this mixture is cooled down he adds some more freshly cut salsa to the pan. The quinoa salsa meal is ready to eat. This meal can be stored for days together. It is the best low fat alternative for anyone who is looking to lose weight. And it is very easy to cook, as the author claims that if he can cook it anyone can.

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