How To: Lose weight like a celebrity

Lose weight like a celebrity

Ever wondered how stars stay a size two – besides starvation, personal trainers, and plastic surgery? Wonder no more. Check out this Howcast video tutorial on how to lose weight like a celebrity.

You Will Need

* Unfiltered apple cider vinegar
* Eggs
* Dandelion leaf tea
* Cabbage or watercress soup

Step 1. Drink vinegar
Step 2. Boil eggs
Step 3. Sip dandelion tea
Step 4. Simmer some soup

Tip: Dieters who ate two eggs for breakfast lost more weight than those who had a bagel of equal calories.

Fact: Patricia Heaton admits she once had a colonic every day for five days to slim down before a red carpet event!

Warning: Check with your doctor before embarking on any quick weight-loss technique. Losing too much weight too fast can be dangerous.

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