How To: Make healthy food choices for weight gain diets

Make healthy food choices for weight gain diets

There may be times when you actually need to or want to gain weight for one reason or the other. Weight gain can be an important part of recovering from illnesses or training for athletics. Learn some tips for buying foods for a weight gain diet in this healthy shopping how-to video.

Take Action
Don't eat unhealthy foods
Choose foods dense in calories
Get fat from lean proteins or nuts
Try healthy calorie supplements

About this Author
Michelle Cooper has been a registered dietician for more than 10 years. She currently works for the state of North Carolina for the New Hanover County School District in the Child Nutrition Department as the supervising registered dietician on staff. She specializes in child nutrition, child fitness and overall child health. She enjoys her job because it allows her to be a pivotal piece of child development.
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