How To: Pick healthy sushi rolls

Pick healthy sushi rolls

Just like any meal choice you can make more or less healthy options when eating sushi. Some ingredients are particularly calorie packed. If you're watching your weight know where the hidden calories are and if your really conscientious you can try sashimi.

While the basic ingredients of this Japanese mainstay are healthy, Americanized add-ons can pack on the fat and calories.

You Will Need

* Light rice
* Sashimi
* Low-sodium soy sauce

Step 1: Avoid fried items

Avoid fried rolls or anything battered. Steer clear of dumplings, tempura, and spider rolls.

Step 2: Pass up extras

Pass on ingredients in Americanized rolls, such as cream cheese, mayonnaise, and avocado, which pile on the fatty calories.

Step 3: Request less rice

Ask your sushi chef to go light on the rice in your rolls. Opt for sashimi, which are plain slices of raw fish.

The word sushi does not refer to raw fish, but rather to the entire roll of filling and rice.

Step 4: Avoid fad sushi

Avoid rolls made with unusual ingredients like duck or quail eggs. Although a traditional ingredient, eel is also higher in calories and fat than other fish.

Step 5: Pick condiments wisely

Pick your accompanying condiments wisely. Opt for low-sodium soy sauce and limit wasabi paste and pickled ginger, which are both high in sodium.

The Japanese first began to cultivate rice about 300 B.C.E., after the Chinese introduced them to the grain.

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