How To: Put your child on a diet and keep them healthy

Put your child on a diet and keep them healthy

Childhood obesity is becoming a national epidemic. If we don't improve what our kids eat soon, the next generation will have a significantly shorter lifespan. Instilling good eating habits when kids are young makes it much easier for them to stay healthy as they grow older.
You Will Need
• Healthy foods
• Activities that promote exercise
• Scheduled eating times
• Professional help (optional)

Always consult a physician before attempting any exercise or exercise plan.

Step 1: Focus on healthy foods
Focus on healthy foods rather than putting your child on a strict diet. Eliminate high-calorie fillers and substitute healthy foods, such as raw vegetables in place of fried foods.
Seek professional help if your child has an eating disorder or is obese.

Step 2: Keep your child active
Plan activities that keep your child moving and physically engaged such as summer camp, karate class, dancing, or sports.

Step 3: Share healthy dinners
Share a balanced meal as a family and then shift to a fun activity like playing a game or going for a walk.
Limit sedentary time with the TV, video games, and computers to a few hours a day.

Step 4: Make a schedule
Institute regular meal and snack times and restrict all-day snacking.

Step 5: Be a role model
Eat right and exercise and your child will more easily adopt a healthy lifestyle by following your lead.
Did you know? One study found that 25 percent of obese adults were overweight as children.

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