How To: Slim down with a "mountain climbing" exercise at home

Slim down with a "mountain climbing" exercise at home

In this video, we learn how to slim down with a "mountain climbing" exercise at home. Sit-ups and crunches are not effective for slimming down your abs, doing this exercises will help with a good diet! To do this, you will place your hands on a table and lean slightly into it. Now, bring your knees into your elbows, which will work your abs. Do this for about thirty seconds, then do this same exercise, except while leaning on a chair that is lower down to the ground. Change it up by crossing the knees to opposite elbows. After this, you will go on the ground in a push-up position and jump from leg to leg bringing your knees to your elbows again. Do this for thirty seconds, then continue to do these exercises for a few more sets, then you will be finished with a full body ab workout!

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